Ode to a very neglected blog. . .

13 08 2008

Oh the shame of days, ah weeks, no wait. . . over a month gone by with no posts!!!!  For anyone who still occasionally stops by our blog rest assured the Taylors have in fact NOT dropped off the face of the planet.  We have not ceased to exist or crawled under some hole.  In fact life is steaming ahead at a pace I have not experienced in quite some time!

So, since my last post we have moved out of our apartment, into a new townhouse, gone and returned from vacation in Maine, and are slowly but surely trying to get things in order for two new kiddos to join us!

Here’s some fun photos.  All of the craziness can be seen on the flickr link, these are just some highlights

Here’s packing up our old apartment

Here’s the new house!


With a nice backyard!


Yep our first stop once we got home was at Houlton Dairy Farms!

Vacation July/Aug 2008

Vacation July/Aug 2008

Vacation July/Aug 2008

Belle took her first boat ride

Vacation July/Aug 2008

And she learned to swim!

Vacation July/Aug 2008

Josh and I loved the time we got to spend out in the kayaks, We even managed to take Belle out.

Vacation July/Aug 2008

A visit to Maine just wouldn’t be complete without a family lobster bake!

Vacation July/Aug 2008

BLAST FROM THE PAST!!!!  We saw The Dark Knight at the Braden Theater!!!!

Vacation July/Aug 2008

We enjoyed a nice meal with Joshua’s grammy Glenna

Vacation July/Aug 2008


Now that we’ve returned I’ve started working full time (yes 40 hours a week!) as a nanny.  This is proving more difficult then I thought but I am learning so much and growing more fond of these new kiddos each day.


More to come soon. . . I hope to be a more faithful blogger in the coming weeks, its just that dishes, laundy, housework all seem to take up my evenings now that I’m gone 7:30-5:30!  Alas, life is good! =)