Moving this blog

16 03 2009

I’m sure most have noticed, but we’re not really posting here anymore. All current posts are being made at Thanks for stopping by!


Update from Ethiopia

24 01 2009

We just posted an update from Ethiopia on our adoption blog.  For more updates this week, please continue checking our adoption blog.


6 01 2009

This is by far one of the most revolutionary blogs I have come across in a long time. The words written here will change the way you look at life and hopefully change the way you live.

A hint. . .

25 06 2008

Readers of our blog. . . you may want to stop by our adoption blog at sometime after 10:00 EST this evening for an exciting post written by none other then Joshua himself! =)

Family Bdays in March

10 03 2008

My two sisters and dad all have bdays in March. 

I wanted to take a second to wish Rachel a Happy 20th Birthday last Friday March 7th.
Rach and I with goats
(Rachel of course is the cute one and I’m the dorky one with a perm and glasses)

Also today is Melissa’s 25th birthday-Congratulations on making it a quarter of a century!
Angels for Christmas play
(We were ALWAYS angels!)

March 16th will be dad’s 51st birthday! 
Halloween cheerleader
(I think dad was afraid of not aging well so he just wore the mask)

I love you all so much!

CJ Mahaney’s new blog

31 01 2008

Please note the new link on our blogroll.  CJ Mahaney has recently started a blog.  I believe the posts on this blog will serve us all well in our desire to grow in godliness.  Just thought I’d pass it along.