It’s all getting better!

28 07 2007

I thought I should update the world on our roach status.  Mostly because I don’t want everyone to think we’re completely disgusting people with a dirty home! (I know. . . pride)  The roaches are slowly but surely going away!!!!  Before we were killing anywhere from 10-25 roaches a day, now its more like 5-10 a day.

On a much happier subject, we got a new desk. . .for FREE!!!!  Quality free things are always great!  Joshua’s office was upgrading some of their furniture and no one else wanted the desk so we got an upgrade!  God is so kind. 

 I also think I’ve settled with the new look for the site. . .what do you think??? =)


Updating site

26 07 2007

I am playing around with new themes for the presentation, so if it changes a few times over the next day or two, please bare with me. 

My new worst nemesis!

23 07 2007

roach-picture.gif I CAN NOT GET RID OF THEM!!!

Our apartment building seems to be experiencing an infestation of roaches!  I am beside myself some mornings as I stumble into the kitchen to make my morning coffee and as I turn on the light 5-10 roaches scurry across the floor to take cover.  Violently I race for the paper towels, slip on my Crocs and proceed to stomp on them, squish them, and pick them up to throw them away! 

We’ve had the pest control people come twice now and their due to come back tomorrow. Do any of you know what I found as the internets #1 natural remedy for dealing with roaches is?  Get this. . .purchase a gecko or two and let them roam free in your home!  Well, I decided against that and now its too late since the roaches are  most likely poisened by now.  Atleast Belle (our dog) has caught a few!  Any suggestions????

Language and Convictions

15 07 2007

What does the language we use really “say”?  Are words important?  What do you think?

Pleased to announce. . .

14 07 2007

Joshua and I have been so honored by the request of our friends Jon and Sara.  This past week they gave us a call and asked us to consider becoming godparents of their son Malachi. 

Jon and Sara became our closest friends during our time in Dallas, Tx.  They were classmates of Joshua at Christ for the Nations Institute.  They are people who strive to honor God in all they do.  A couple with a heart for missions and seeing the lost saved.  Friends who love others and care for people in thoughtful ways. 

Jon and Sara we are blessed and delighted to become Malachi’s godparents!

malachi.jpg    malachi3.jpg

I found her whom my soul loves…

12 07 2007


You are too wonderful.  I love you so much! 

To say that I am undeserving is a massive understatement. 

Thank you for four beautiful years! 

Every moment with you is a blessing beyond description.

To the one I love

11 07 2007

Dear Joshua. . .

Tomorrow July 12th marks our 4th anniversary.  I am so in love with you and so grateful for the man you are and are becoming.  Thank you for loving me!