As promised. . .

19 09 2008

Okay so here are the colors I’ve picked.  But pictures uploaded to a computer just don’t do justice!  Argh!

 paint colors

 So I’ve picked Green for the accent wall in our son’s room and we’re going to go with an Ethiopian Soccer theme. . . I think. =)  The Ethiopian flag is green, yellow, and red.  So a green accent wall, soccer balls, painting the furniture black and an Ethiopian flag on the wall.  We’ll see how it comes out!  

For our daughter I’m still debating between a yellow or purple accent wall.  I really could go either way at this point.  Naomi, a dear friend introduced me to the wonderful idea of wall decals. . . SO COOL!  I thought those great designs were always painted on walls, who knew they were stickers!  I’m still trying to decide on what kind of wall decals I like. 

Note to Mom and Melissa:  Either of you want to try to make some curtains for the kids room??? hint hint!  Or even a bed spread??? =)

Our living room and dining room is going to be basically a neutral tan through out with olive green accents.  These are the colors we’ve selected.  The green isn’t quite that bright in real life.

paint colors

I also found the absolute perfect color for the master bedroom.  We have these really nice curtains and I found a great paint color that goes well with it.  Again in the picture it looks a little gray, but its actually a muted greenish gray tone.

paint colors

So there you have it!!!  Now who wants to come help paint???  I’m thinking Columbus Day weekend!


Paint colors

16 09 2008

I’m off to Home Depot to look at paint colors!!  Yipee Skippy.  I’ll be sure to post the sample colors when I come back with! =)

Some recent photos

8 09 2008

Some new curtains and lamps for the living room. . . all you have to envision is nicely painted walls.  Hopefully coming soon!





Check out the major finds I scored at the local thrift store on Labor day.  Everything was 50% off!!!  I got our little boy 7 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 shorts and a swim suit.  Our little girl got 3 jumpers, 3 shirts, a pair of jeans and a some overalls.  Want to wager a guess of how much I spent???


CIMG0780CIMG0782CIMG0781Thrift store finds

The total came to $36.00.  Yes folks all these wonderful clothes from brands like OshKosh, Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, and Carter’s for only $36 dollars.  God is good!

Made me think. . .

8 09 2008

Go here  and read the post written about Haiti and Hurricanes.

Erika, the author writes,

“It was more than a little surreal to stand in church this morning and sing about God’s mercy sitting on cushioned seats under auditorium lights.  His mercy is nonetheless real…but how little it costs me to proclaim its truth.”

I’ve been so tempted to question God’s mercy in my own life and judge His wisdom and sovereignty over my circumstances.  I am silenced and humbled at truly how great a cost His mercy came to be in my life through Jesus death on a cross.  And then as Erika shares, how little it costs me to proclaim this truth.  Surely I’ve yet to truly count the cost.