Life these days & Easter update

28 03 2008

Life in the Taylor family has been progressing fairly normally these days.  Life seems fast paced with Joshua still in school full time (distance learning program), working lots as CDR Communications and serving at our church.  I also recently found a third job working a few hours a week in a kids klub at a local Sport and Health Gym, this gave me a free gym membership which I was really excited about (but need to find time to use) and also provide some extra income for us to put directly towards our adoption costs.  You can find out more about our adoption progress at

Joshua and I had the privilege of having my sister Rachel and her boyfriend Josh visit us for Easter.  If you’ve been following along on our blog for long last year we hosted my parents (2), my sister (1), cousin (1), brother and his girlfriend (2), and Rachel and her boyfriend Josh (2)  for Easter somehow managing to feed, sleep, and shower ten of us in our 2 bedroom apartment- it was thrilling!  We also had two of our friends join us for Easter dinner! =)   A highlight of Rachel and Josh’s stay with us this year though had to have been when Rachel and I pulled out DDR to play on the xbox and coerced Josh and Joshua to give it a try!

Josh and RachelJoshua trying out DDR


Homemade Ice cream fun

19 03 2008

It is Spring break week here in Northern Virginia and I have the chance to do lots of fun things with the children I nanny since they aren’t in school and I am caring for them both all day.  Monday I brought Lydia and Nathaniel to our apartment to make homemade ice cream.  We had an absolute blast!  The result was a small batch of vanilla ice cream that we dyed green for St Patrick’s Day and a big batch of yummy strawberry ice cream.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

how it all began
Lydia mashing the strawberriesNathaniel mashing the Strawberries
Stirring away!
Vanilla dyed green for St Patricks DayThe ice cream maker!
Nathaniel enjoying his ice cream!
Eating our homemade ice cream
Ou ice cream coloring project

Family Bdays in March

10 03 2008

My two sisters and dad all have bdays in March. 

I wanted to take a second to wish Rachel a Happy 20th Birthday last Friday March 7th.
Rach and I with goats
(Rachel of course is the cute one and I’m the dorky one with a perm and glasses)

Also today is Melissa’s 25th birthday-Congratulations on making it a quarter of a century!
Angels for Christmas play
(We were ALWAYS angels!)

March 16th will be dad’s 51st birthday! 
Halloween cheerleader
(I think dad was afraid of not aging well so he just wore the mask)

I love you all so much!

What we’ve been up to. . .

6 03 2008

It’s almost impossible to keep up with two blogs recently, so this is a cheating post refering you to check out our adoption page! =)