Bad Dog

20 05 2008

What I saw when I walked in the door after church Sunday. . .

bad dog

Sorry Guys!


Interesting book choice Belle!

interesting book choice

I promise I won’t do it again, I’m really sorry and I know it was REALLY bad!

Bad Dog

To our absolute dismay or 2 year old perfectly housetrained, never did anything bad dog, had a bad day!  We just had to laugh at her interesting choice of destructive material! =)


Family photo update

9 05 2008

Life remains busy here.  I really can’t believe its already May!  It seriously seems like yesterday was January but here we are enjoying 75 degree May weather with the summer heat quickly approaching. . . Wow how time flies. 

The following are pictures of:

1.  My birthday out at a Jazz Festival for an afternoon and then dinner at Cracker Barrel

2.  Anna’s Bridal Shower. . . My BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED SOON! I can’t believe it.

3.  My new hair cut and color.  Pictures of cut A and B- I didn’t like how the salon did it really so I took scissors to it myself to spunk it up a bit.

4.  Random pictures of Joshua and Belle as I played with the settings on our new camera.

 First new camera pics 078First new camera pics 076
Jazz Festival
Bday out at Jazz Fest

Anna's bridal shower
Anna's bridal shower

New haircut
new cut

school work



Fun times as a nanny

7 05 2008

I haven’t posted recently much of anything to do with my life as a nanny so here is a photo overview and a few videos of some fun times!

Nathaniel with marble maze

Lydia and Nathaniel
Lydia and Gretchen
Flying the plane

Lydia's cool hair
Nathaniel's soccer
Nathaniel's soccer