Back from camping

28 05 2007

Be sure to check out our camping photos on flicker!  We had great weather and tons of fun!

Bethany, Belle, and Joshua on Skyline Drive


Psalty the Big Blue Song book

25 05 2007

Is there anyone out there who could join me in remembering the days of singing along with Psalty the Big blue songbook?  Grammy Blackstone even had one of the videos!  And today songs from her video have been running through my head.  Especially. . .   We’re going camping now we’re on our way, we’re gonna climb up that mountain, and run and jump and play! And as we hike along we’re gonna sing. . .Hallelujah to the King! 

Funny how some songs just stick with you!  Well, this song came to mind because Joshua and I will be heading to Culpeper, Virginia early tomorrow morning to set up camp for the long weekend.  We will be heading out with two other couples the Echegoyen’s and the Falkes.  Sunday will be spent hiking in Shenandoah park, and we will share evenings round about the fire pit! 

I admit. . .I love camping!  I love being outdoors, cooking outside, going on hikes, not having tv, but I’m also realizing how much stuff it takes to set up camp.  Well, how much stuff it takes for me to set up camp!  Having spent 10 days most summers since elementary school camping at Sebec Lake campground in Maine, I’ve learned the ins and outs of tarping, camp cooking, dish washing, and general set up of camp!  But it seems most people camp much more simply and our planning get together with the other two couples was quite hilarious!  We have the Echegoyens camping newbies, to the Falkes your bare minimum type, to the Taylors. . .bring everything (including the kitchen sink) so you can REALLY set up camp!

It should be a wonderful weekend, and I’ll be sure to post pictures once we return! 

He cares . . .

18 05 2007

Sometimes I am just walking through life and God surprises me with how much He truly cares for us.  I had the wonderful opportunity to join Joshua in Chicago Thursday-Saturday, May 10-12.  While Joshua attended business meetings I was given a chance to relax and be pampered (I got my first ever pedicure!).  I caught up on sleep, exercised, shopped and read.  Then on Saturday we met up with some of my favorite people!  Friends of ours from our time at Teen Mania.  Our friends Brian and Lindsay Knapp along with Nate and Dana Moore drove down from Kenosha Wisconsin to visit us in Chicago. 


We were able to catch up on life and encourage one another in the Lord.  I am reminded of the kindness of God in allowing these friendships to remain even across the miles.

Then came Sunday, Mother’s Day. . . I must admit I was dreading it.  As many know Joshua and I have been unsuccessful in conceiving a child of our own and some days I do really well trusting God and His timing and other days I just hurt so bad from the desire to have children of my own.  Granted, worship was wonderful and allowed me time to focus my heart on the Lord and his kindness in rescuing me from my sin.  He is good to me!  But that afternoon, alone at home brought tears of sadness.  Sadness of not having any small little feet pattering around my home, no messy faces to wipe, and no homemade cards, and no one saying, “Happy Mother’s Day.”  By God’s grace and the encouragement of friends (thanks Ellen) and my husband I made it through the day and was able to focus on the Lord and not myself. 

Then on Monday I had just picked Carson (the 3 year old I nanny) up from preschool and we were sitting down to lunch when he turned to me and said, “Happy Mother’s Day Bethany!”  Oh what emotion filled my soul!  Of course Carson realizes that I am not his mother, but the innocence of a 3 year old saying those words to me brought such joy to my heart.  God does care. . .He does know the pain I sometimes feel, and He uses 3 year old little boys to show that love to me! 

The Lord will hold me close, The Lord rules over the floodwaters.  I trust in the Lord.  I am overcome with joy because of Your unfailing love.  For You have seen my many troubles and You care about the anguish of my soul.  I am trusting You, O Lord, saying, “You are my God.  My future is in Your hands!  Your goodness is so great!” (excerpts from Psalms)

Amazed and in awe

2 05 2007

For those of you who may be stopping by my blogsite today please read on. . . Today is Allysa Gallo’s 11th birthday.  Allysa’s website can be found on our blog roll to the right.  Allysa was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma the day after Easter and has recently just finished her second round of chemo at Fairfax Hospital here in Northern Virginia.  A couple times each week I click on her link and read the updates her family posts.  Everytime I come away with tears in my eyes.  Tears that are sad for what she is having to endure, but then I am always amazed and in awe to see how she is responding to this trial in her life.  I am challenged by her faith, her joy, and her hope.  Allysa recently responded to the gospel and put her trust in Jesus Christ and she is living it out in such an incredible way!  She and her family are trusting God for her complete healing, but have not responded in anger or questioning of why this is happening.  Please take a moment to look through her blog and send her a Happy Birthday greeting.  And may we all live amazed and in awe of the incredible God of all creation!