Fun times as a nanny

7 05 2008

I haven’t posted recently much of anything to do with my life as a nanny so here is a photo overview and a few videos of some fun times!

Nathaniel with marble maze

Lydia and Nathaniel
Lydia and Gretchen
Flying the plane

Lydia's cool hair
Nathaniel's soccer
Nathaniel's soccer


Homemade Ice cream fun

19 03 2008

It is Spring break week here in Northern Virginia and I have the chance to do lots of fun things with the children I nanny since they aren’t in school and I am caring for them both all day.  Monday I brought Lydia and Nathaniel to our apartment to make homemade ice cream.  We had an absolute blast!  The result was a small batch of vanilla ice cream that we dyed green for St Patrick’s Day and a big batch of yummy strawberry ice cream.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

how it all began
Lydia mashing the strawberriesNathaniel mashing the Strawberries
Stirring away!
Vanilla dyed green for St Patricks DayThe ice cream maker!
Nathaniel enjoying his ice cream!
Eating our homemade ice cream
Ou ice cream coloring project

Lunch Conversations with Nathaniel

19 11 2007

As I set out to assemble Nathaniel’s daily ham and cheese sandwich with mustard, Nathaniel obediently went potty, washed his hands, put on his pj’s, and picked out a book.  I called him into the kitchen to sit down and eat, here’s how the conversation with this three year old progressed. 

“Bethany, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what is it Nathaniel?

“Does God have a neck?”

“Well, not really because He’s invisible.  But Jesus had a neck.”

“Just like me?!?!”

“Yep, just like ALL people have necks.”

“But God should have a neck.  Belle has neck and she’s a dog!”

I so enjoy conversations like these!  =) Hope you all have a great day!

An Update

21 09 2007

I wanted to update with some new pictures.  Work has been great and Nathaniel and Lydia are sweethearts for sure.  Belle has even found a new friend in the family’s German Shepherd- Gretchen AKA- Doodle.  Enjoy! (sorry for low quality on some. They were taken with my phone)

Nathaniel and I had a picnic lunch in the basement.  His bike came too!


Lydia is a true princess indeed!


Here’s Gretchen

Gretchen AKA Doodle

Belle and Gretchen chillin in the great fall weather!

Belle and Doodle

My new job

13 09 2007

On Tuesday September 4th I officialy began my new job as nanny to Lydia age 5 and Nathaniel age 3.  My primary responsibility is Nathaniel because Lydia is in school all day.  It seems that over the years my nanny jobs has focused on this 2-3 year old boy age.  I love this age!  They are so explorative, creative, and imaginative. 

Well I just had to pass the two latest Nathaniel quotes along because they were to funny to keep to myself.

Nathaniel: “Bethany, why are strawberries red?”

Me: “Well Nathaniel, that’s the color God made them.”

Nathaniel: “Why did He make them red?”

Me: “Well, I guess he liked that color for strawberries.”

Nathaniel: “hmmm, I would have made them yellow.”

While driving on the highway with the windows rolled down. . .

Nathaniel: “Bethany, why is the word high in highway?”

Me: “uhmmm, well. . .really long complicated answer of why I thought the word high was in highway.”

Nathaniel: “oh. . . . Well are there lowways?” 

There are just some questions you can’t answer with, “Because God made it that way.”  I think I have to work on answering the why questions! 

My Last Day

30 08 2007

Today Thursday August 30th 2007 is my official last day as nanny to Grace and Carson.  I will be switching families next week as Grace and Carson will be full day school kids this upcoming year and will be needing care mostly in the late afternoons and early evenings. 

This past year has by far been my best nannying/childcare experience to date.  I have grown to love and care for these kids so deeply!  I love the way they run up to greet me and the way they can make me laugh hysterically.  Here are my top ten best memories from this past year:

1.  Carson asks, “Bethany, what time is it?”  I reply, “12:26”  Carson says, “Wow! That’s alot of money!”

2.  After reminding Grace, at a cookie decorating party we are hosting, that she can’t boss the other kids around, she responds by saying, “Don’t worry Bethany, I know.  I’ve already decided that when we go downstairs to play the kids can either, 1. Be in my play 2. Read a book  or 3. Play with a toy.  But I really think they should be in my play.” 

3.  While sitting at the table eating pretzels as a snack I taught the kids how to put the pretzel in between their lips and make it move.  This turned into a hilarious 1/2 hour of fun where we made up songs about dancing pretzels. 

4.  Taking the DC Duck tour where they gave all the kids a quacker noise maker.  Riding around DC in a bus/boat and watching the kids eyes grow huge as the bus drove into the Potomac for a ride down the river. 

5.  Turning on kids sing along cd’s in the basement and taking turns making up dances, choreographing a dance together, or having a free for all dance party!

6.  Picnics at the park and watching Grace and Carson continually make up creative ways to play together.  My favorite is when they started an ice cream shop -the ice cream of course was the wood chip mulch at the park.  They had EVERY flavor you could imagine and perhaps would never imagine (anyone for spaghetti brocolli ice cream???)

7.  The first day I brought Belle to work with me and the kids literally spent over an hour reading her books.  Carson suggested Clifford the Big Red Dog books, and Grace recommended potty training ones so that Belle would learn to use the bathroom outside!

8.  Running through the sprinkler outback and laughing hysterically as Belle always ended up the wettest, tried to hog the sprinkler, and attempted to catch each and every stream of water. 

9.  The day Grace told me about reading the Ramona Goes to Kindergarden book.  And explained that her and her friends had played kissy tag on the playground and she had caught Evan (the boy she apparently liked, he was strong and could lift logs on the playground!).  She went on to affirm that even though she caught him she didn’t kiss him because that was for grown ups. . . thank goodness!!! 

10.  The many obstacle courses, treasure hunts, and mysteries I’ve designed.  They always involved great maps and many props and a good solid hour of imaginative fun. 

Grace and Carson, you are some of my favorite kids in the world.  I have been so honored and blessed to have been your nanny this past year.  Thank you for being such great kids!!! 

G silly face

silly faces

c silly face

Summer Days. . .

16 08 2007

Here are a few snapshots into my days as a nanny.  We had a very fun trip out for ice cream and some play time at the park with neighborhood friends. 

Billy and Carson (Billy is actually a triplet with the 2 identicals)

Billy and Carson 

Carson and Grace

Carson and Grace

Sean and Tommy (triplets with Billy)

Sean and Tommy

Grace and Maggie (Maggie is the triplets older sister)

Grace and friend Maggie