Important to remember

17 04 2008

I was cleaning out a closet last night to prepare our spare room for becoming a nursery/bedroom.  As I was packing up photo albums I came across a number of my mission photos and it stirred something in my heart.  I needed to see the faces of those I’d met in years past, many people all over the world have no access to a local church and many are without essential necessities like clean water.  Hopefully these images will stir something in you too.  We are world’s apart here in America and sometimes I loooong to step back into their lives….

I had to scan these images in so they are oddly spaced and I can’t figure out how to get descriptions in between so here is what each of them are:

1&2 -1998 a trip to the Baja in Mexico to help work on this hospital and minister to children.

3 -2001 a woman in Romania who knelt down and thanked us weeping for coming to share the gospel in her country.

4&5 -1996 a trip to Panama with a week spent ministering in remote Darien Jungle villages.

6&7 -1999 trip to Southern India with my uncle (who’s a pastor) we visited a boy’s orphanage during our time there.

8-2000 trip to Namibia to minister to the Himba and Herrero tribes.  We set up a base camp and would walk in with a translator to the villages and just spend the entire day with the people.  I was helping in pounding and grinding corn into corn meal.   

Mexico missions
Romanian woman
Darien Jungle mission
India trip to boys home

Grinding corn in Namibia