Strangest Story You Ever Told

11 01 2008

Were any of you out there the imaginative type as children?  Did you spend hours in creative play, dress-up, theatre?  Did you create elaborate tales and ever attempt to pass them off as real?

Today as I was driving home a story I once told came to mind.  One of those elaborate tales I concocted during the annual ten day family camping excursion to Baxter State Park.  It was the August of 1993.  Having been born in 1981, I perhaps should have been past the age of exaggerated story telling.  =)

The story began as my cousin and I walked the campground weaving in and out of the paths and spending time climbing those huge boulders.  I began by telling her how I had located a birth certificate that had my name on it, but different parents names on it.  And best of all. . . I was born in London!  What if I was part of the royal family? 

 royal family Am I missing from this photo???

What if I was kidnapped?  What if I’m adopted?  My cousins eyes grew large as she pondered the implications of my story.  Why hadn’t my parents told me, how come I looked so much like my family.  Were they trying to hide something?  I went on to share all the things I was feeling and we discussed how I should approach the adults I had called mom and dad for the past 12 years with my new discovery. 

Well, probably 45 minutes later I confessed, there was no birth certificate and I implored she  tell no one of my fabricated tale.  She was mad for a while and told me that I was wrong for lying to her.  She was right.

So what’s the biggest story you’ve ever told?

Note: I have an amazing family.  I have all the baby pictures to prove I’m biological. =)


Taylor Vacation Week

24 08 2007

Joshua and I have enjoyed a fabulous week off of work!!!  We spent a day driving 50 miles of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park and 3 days in Yorktown/Williamsburg, VA.  You can see all the pictures if you click on the flickr account.  Hope you enjoy!

This is Josh and I at The Marl Inn B and B
Bethany and Joshua


14 08 2007

William Thomas Middleton will be arriving into the world within the next few hours!!!  We are very excited for word of the news.  Please be praying for Luke and Kristin.  She will be delivering by C-section at 3:00PM today.  You can check for delivery announcements on their blog.  It’s featured in our blogroll on the right-hand side (Middleton Family).  You are in our prayers Middletons!!!

Dying Plants and Dense Bread

7 08 2007

I need help.  Pure and simple, we all need help.  But specifically I need advice and help in a couple areas today.   Every plant I purchase fails to thrive once it arrives in the Taylor household.  I purchased a Coleus last fall and it is the homeliest plant I’ve ever seen.  And then a few weeks ago we purchased a VERY hearty Dracaena and it is already turning yellow and its leaves are falling off.  So I implore anyone reading this for help in turning the fates of these plants around!!!  Here are current pictures. . .

randomness-010.jpg randomness-012.jpg

Also, has anyone ever had yeast go bad on them?  I realize that on the bottle it says use within 6 months. . . so I purchased this bottle in December, but come on, 8 months later it doesn’t work???  I was so excited on Sunday I was going to make a couple loaves of oatmeal wheat bread and a batch of cinnamon rolls, well here is where they ended up. . .


Oh well. . . now I’m just short 4 cups of white flour, 2 cups of oatmeal, and 3 cups of wheat flour!  And I’m off to purchase a new supply of yeast! 

It’s all getting better!

28 07 2007

I thought I should update the world on our roach status.  Mostly because I don’t want everyone to think we’re completely disgusting people with a dirty home! (I know. . . pride)  The roaches are slowly but surely going away!!!!  Before we were killing anywhere from 10-25 roaches a day, now its more like 5-10 a day.

On a much happier subject, we got a new desk. . .for FREE!!!!  Quality free things are always great!  Joshua’s office was upgrading some of their furniture and no one else wanted the desk so we got an upgrade!  God is so kind. 

 I also think I’ve settled with the new look for the site. . .what do you think??? =)

My new worst nemesis!

23 07 2007

roach-picture.gif I CAN NOT GET RID OF THEM!!!

Our apartment building seems to be experiencing an infestation of roaches!  I am beside myself some mornings as I stumble into the kitchen to make my morning coffee and as I turn on the light 5-10 roaches scurry across the floor to take cover.  Violently I race for the paper towels, slip on my Crocs and proceed to stomp on them, squish them, and pick them up to throw them away! 

We’ve had the pest control people come twice now and their due to come back tomorrow. Do any of you know what I found as the internets #1 natural remedy for dealing with roaches is?  Get this. . .purchase a gecko or two and let them roam free in your home!  Well, I decided against that and now its too late since the roaches are  most likely poisened by now.  Atleast Belle (our dog) has caught a few!  Any suggestions????

Pleased to announce. . .

14 07 2007

Joshua and I have been so honored by the request of our friends Jon and Sara.  This past week they gave us a call and asked us to consider becoming godparents of their son Malachi. 

Jon and Sara became our closest friends during our time in Dallas, Tx.  They were classmates of Joshua at Christ for the Nations Institute.  They are people who strive to honor God in all they do.  A couple with a heart for missions and seeing the lost saved.  Friends who love others and care for people in thoughtful ways. 

Jon and Sara we are blessed and delighted to become Malachi’s godparents!

malachi.jpg    malachi3.jpg