Valuable Children’s Toys, Books, and Games

3 11 2008

Okay, please send all your readers this way.  And please if you ever read this blog leave a comment.  In the next two months before our kiddos arrive we are trying to come up with some great children’s toys,books, and games.  So what sticks out in your minds as great items to have around the house for a 6 year old boy and a 5 year old girl in the following categories:

Toys-What did you most play with at these ages, or what do your children most play with at these ages?

Games-What games should every parent have in their game cupboard for 5-6 year old kiddos?

Books-What are the must haves?  We’ll be frequenting the library quite often but which ones should we actually own?

Educational-Help please!  I am planning on home schooling the kids and I would love ideas on creative educational tools.  *No curriculum suggestions please, we’re not buying any program for kindergarden.*  Just looking for the things every home school family should have on hand.