Copywrited poem!

31 01 2008

Background:  The ladies in my caregroup are getting together Friday evening for dinner, and McDonalds was the decided upon restaurant.  However Joy was late in her response to let us all know if she was coming.  The following is her penitence for her tardy response.  While I didn’t get expressed reprinting rights I figured it was okay since Joy WAS the slowpoke.

by Joy Lewis

Oh McDonalds, how we love you
How we love your apple pies
How we love your chicken nuggets
How we love your greasy fries
Oh McDonalds, how we love you
We will ever use your booths
to sit and eat and chew and laugh
And then we all will clean our tooths

copyright  2008 Joy Lewis
all rights reserved
reprinted with permission


CJ Mahaney’s new blog

31 01 2008

Please note the new link on our blogroll.  CJ Mahaney has recently started a blog.  I believe the posts on this blog will serve us all well in our desire to grow in godliness.  Just thought I’d pass it along. 

Life these days. . .

25 01 2008

“Though the Christian life is regularly marked more by suffering than by triumph, our hope is sure and our mood should be one of unquenchable confidence: we are on the winning side.”  -J.I. Packer

Elisabeth Elliot asks us, “Is your hope an anchor for your soul?  Has your wishful hope been converted at the foot of the cross to true hope?” 

“To hope means to look forward expectantly for God’s future activity.  The ground of hope is God’s past activity in Jesus Christ, who points the way to God’s purposes for his creation.”  -New Dictionary of Theology

What is the ground, the foundation, the solid rock for my hope?  God’s past activity in Jesus Christ.  The sacrifice of Christ on the cross, his atonement for my sin, his adoption of me.  This is what allows me to look forward in faith, expectantly for God’s continued activity in my life.  And this hope is not merely a desire, a comfort, a position, a wish.  No, far greater then any desire is a hope that anchors my soul.  Far to often I hope for things (idols) which I determine in my mind to be satisfying, only to see them fail and leave my heart devasted, fearful, and anxious.  Therefore I must remember, “when my sin begins to tell me, all is lost my guilt displayed.  I will look and see my Savior, Jesus Christ who bore my blame!”  And then, I can say with unquenchable confidence: I am on the winning side!  May our hope be found in our Great God.

Note:  This post was inspired by an excellent message given by Janis Shank at our church’s women’s meeting this evening. 

Also, check out our adoption blog for an exciting update

An Ethiopian Adoption

17 01 2008

It is a great joy to write today that Joshua and I are proceeding with an Ethiopian Adoption.  You can read all about it on our adoption journey blog at   I’ll also post a link on our blogroll.  You may want to start at the last post on the blog though because we’ve been writing for about the last month. 


Strangest Story You Ever Told

11 01 2008

Were any of you out there the imaginative type as children?  Did you spend hours in creative play, dress-up, theatre?  Did you create elaborate tales and ever attempt to pass them off as real?

Today as I was driving home a story I once told came to mind.  One of those elaborate tales I concocted during the annual ten day family camping excursion to Baxter State Park.  It was the August of 1993.  Having been born in 1981, I perhaps should have been past the age of exaggerated story telling.  =)

The story began as my cousin and I walked the campground weaving in and out of the paths and spending time climbing those huge boulders.  I began by telling her how I had located a birth certificate that had my name on it, but different parents names on it.  And best of all. . . I was born in London!  What if I was part of the royal family? 

 royal family Am I missing from this photo???

What if I was kidnapped?  What if I’m adopted?  My cousins eyes grew large as she pondered the implications of my story.  Why hadn’t my parents told me, how come I looked so much like my family.  Were they trying to hide something?  I went on to share all the things I was feeling and we discussed how I should approach the adults I had called mom and dad for the past 12 years with my new discovery. 

Well, probably 45 minutes later I confessed, there was no birth certificate and I implored she  tell no one of my fabricated tale.  She was mad for a while and told me that I was wrong for lying to her.  She was right.

So what’s the biggest story you’ve ever told?

Note: I have an amazing family.  I have all the baby pictures to prove I’m biological. =)

Meeting with God

9 01 2008

The Sunday before Christmas one of the career singles at our church handed Joshua an envelope and said, this is an anonymous gift someone wanted to give you and Bethany.  Please enjoy it! 

Josh and I had driven separately to church since he had to arrive early for worship team so I wasn’t there upon the receiving of the gift.  Joshua thanked the man who’d given him the envelope and proceeded to open it to find a generous cash gift. 

This year we had decided not to purchase gifts for one another in an effort to save money.  But Joshua thought it would be best to use some of this gift on me!  Part of what he used it for was a handful of books to enhance my spiritual growth.  I am so thankful! (The other portion went directly into our adoption fund!)

This morning I was reading “Shopping for Time” written by the girltalk bloggers (one of the books Joshua purchased for me), and I came across this quote from John Piper. 

“The human heart does not replenish itself with sleep.  The body does, but not the heart. . . We replenish our hearts not with sleep, but with the Word of God and prayer.” 

How true!  Far to many times I convince myself its an extra 30 minutes or an hour of sleep that I need to be refreshed.  When oh how contrare!  Daily, early we must rise to replenish and refresh our hearts in the Word of God – Something no amount of sleep could ever accomplish. 

Thank you anonymous gift-giver!

Happy New Year 2008

7 01 2008

I quite enjoyed the past few weeks break from posting over the holidays!  But alas, as I peruse the blogs of friends I am obliged to write again.  So much has happened over the past month I will post a brief (sorry it turned out to be very long) photo update of some highlights to catch everyone up to speed.

Nathaniel and Lydia (children I nanny) came over one day to receive their Christmas gifts and decorate cookies at our apartment.

Lydia w/ Christmas giftCookie decoration

Nathaniel with giftCookie decoration

Our caregroup also had a fabulous party complete with a graham cracker house making competition.   We had some pretty difficult judging from Megan Whitacre’s mother Nancy.  But in the end only one of three teams was given the title of best overall.  (The winning team members??? Myself, Courtney, James, Dan, and CJ.  Congrats!)  Another twist in the game was that each team had to compose a Christmas limerick- each team was given the first line.  Here they are:

There was an old fellow named Claus

Who loved to eat cranberry sauce

One day he got sick

Rudolph played a trick

So Santa kicked him in the schnoz

When Santa took off in his sleigh

Blindfolded he soon lost his way

Twisting to and fro

He soon flew to low

And landed in a bale of hay

Note: the next limerick was written by Joshua who mistakenly thought the Reindeer’s name was BlitTen, not BlitZen.  We all got a laugh upon his reading of the following poem.

Saint Nick had a reindeer named Blitten

His Christmas suit wasn’t a fitten

He watched Chuck Norris

And quit the chorus

And worked out til he was a smitten

The Winning House
The most Wonderful winner

Runner’s Up

The New England Style Church

The Girls team

Joshua and I were so blessed to spend Christmas Eve with the Whitacre family from our church.  After a wonderful Christmas Eve service we headed over for an enormous spread of turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, delicious rolls, homemade pie and much more.  I wish we had gotten some pictures, but we did not.  Thank you Bill, Nancy, Steve, Nicole, and Megan for welcoming us into your family’s celebration.  We are so grateful for your kindness and hospitality!

Christmas morning Joshua and I got up early. . .of course!  I baked the traditional quiche lorraine and we opened very thoughtful gifts from our family.  The first one I opened was from my sister Rachel.  She made me cry!  Here’s a picture of what she sent along with a heartfelt letter and donation to our adoption fund.
Christmas gift from Rachel

We also received some great children’s books, and enough reading material to last us the entire year! 
Children's books
Books we received

Around 9:00AM we drove over to Seita and Emma Sakaguchi’s home with our quiche in hand.  We enjoyeda fantastic breakfast with our friends and their children J and Kaiya.  Again, forgot the camera! Argh

Friday morning December28th at 6:30AM Joshua and I boarded a plane for Dallas, Texas.  We went to visit our best friends from CFNI John and Sara Roy and their 2yr old son Malachi.  This past fall they asked us to be godparents for Malachi and what a blessing this little guy is!  We spent Friday through Tuesday with the Roys and I think every night we stayed up past midnight!  We enjoyed game playing, trips to the zoo, eating out at Mama’s Daughter’s Diner, an evening spent playing hand and foot at an Irish Pub with live music, attending their church, and a happening New Year’s Eve party complete with a few roudy games of pit, a few HOURS of Mafia, and a game of Scene it.  Here are some photos from our time.

Roy's and Taylor's
Naked baby!
Sara and Bethany
Us with malachi

This past week has just been a whirlwind of getting back to normal life!  Joshua is returning from an overnight trip to NC for business and I am back into full swing as a nanny.  And hopefully a much more regular schedule of posting.  Take care!