If you need a laugh. . .

31 08 2007

This week on the Girl Talk blog they are doing a week of funny videos.  Everyone should click on the link on my blog roll if you have a few minutes.  You won’t regret it! 


My Last Day

30 08 2007

Today Thursday August 30th 2007 is my official last day as nanny to Grace and Carson.  I will be switching families next week as Grace and Carson will be full day school kids this upcoming year and will be needing care mostly in the late afternoons and early evenings. 

This past year has by far been my best nannying/childcare experience to date.  I have grown to love and care for these kids so deeply!  I love the way they run up to greet me and the way they can make me laugh hysterically.  Here are my top ten best memories from this past year:

1.  Carson asks, “Bethany, what time is it?”  I reply, “12:26”  Carson says, “Wow! That’s alot of money!”

2.  After reminding Grace, at a cookie decorating party we are hosting, that she can’t boss the other kids around, she responds by saying, “Don’t worry Bethany, I know.  I’ve already decided that when we go downstairs to play the kids can either, 1. Be in my play 2. Read a book  or 3. Play with a toy.  But I really think they should be in my play.” 

3.  While sitting at the table eating pretzels as a snack I taught the kids how to put the pretzel in between their lips and make it move.  This turned into a hilarious 1/2 hour of fun where we made up songs about dancing pretzels. 

4.  Taking the DC Duck tour where they gave all the kids a quacker noise maker.  Riding around DC in a bus/boat and watching the kids eyes grow huge as the bus drove into the Potomac for a ride down the river. 

5.  Turning on kids sing along cd’s in the basement and taking turns making up dances, choreographing a dance together, or having a free for all dance party!

6.  Picnics at the park and watching Grace and Carson continually make up creative ways to play together.  My favorite is when they started an ice cream shop -the ice cream of course was the wood chip mulch at the park.  They had EVERY flavor you could imagine and perhaps would never imagine (anyone for spaghetti brocolli ice cream???)

7.  The first day I brought Belle to work with me and the kids literally spent over an hour reading her books.  Carson suggested Clifford the Big Red Dog books, and Grace recommended potty training ones so that Belle would learn to use the bathroom outside!

8.  Running through the sprinkler outback and laughing hysterically as Belle always ended up the wettest, tried to hog the sprinkler, and attempted to catch each and every stream of water. 

9.  The day Grace told me about reading the Ramona Goes to Kindergarden book.  And explained that her and her friends had played kissy tag on the playground and she had caught Evan (the boy she apparently liked, he was strong and could lift logs on the playground!).  She went on to affirm that even though she caught him she didn’t kiss him because that was for grown ups. . . thank goodness!!! 

10.  The many obstacle courses, treasure hunts, and mysteries I’ve designed.  They always involved great maps and many props and a good solid hour of imaginative fun. 

Grace and Carson, you are some of my favorite kids in the world.  I have been so honored and blessed to have been your nanny this past year.  Thank you for being such great kids!!! 

G silly face

silly faces

c silly face

Taylor Vacation Week

24 08 2007

Joshua and I have enjoyed a fabulous week off of work!!!  We spent a day driving 50 miles of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park and 3 days in Yorktown/Williamsburg, VA.  You can see all the pictures if you click on the flickr account.  Hope you enjoy!

This is Josh and I at The Marl Inn B and B
Bethany and Joshua

Summer Days. . .

16 08 2007

Here are a few snapshots into my days as a nanny.  We had a very fun trip out for ice cream and some play time at the park with neighborhood friends. 

Billy and Carson (Billy is actually a triplet with the 2 identicals)

Billy and Carson 

Carson and Grace

Carson and Grace

Sean and Tommy (triplets with Billy)

Sean and Tommy

Grace and Maggie (Maggie is the triplets older sister)

Grace and friend Maggie


14 08 2007

William Thomas Middleton will be arriving into the world within the next few hours!!!  We are very excited for word of the news.  Please be praying for Luke and Kristin.  She will be delivering by C-section at 3:00PM today.  You can check for delivery announcements on their blog.  It’s featured in our blogroll on the right-hand side (Middleton Family).  You are in our prayers Middletons!!!

a haircut

14 08 2007

This is pretty miniscule in the grand skeem of things, but for those that don’t live close by, I got a haircut.  The shortest I’ve had it since my Teen Mania days.  The picture I brought to the hairdresser isn’t exactly what I ended up with but I like it all the same. 

short hair cut


7 08 2007

Woah!!!  I just had to post this. . . today’s weather projection.  The 1st temp listed is the actual, the 2nd is what it feels like.

Partly Cloudy