Valuable Children’s Toys, Books, and Games

3 11 2008

Okay, please send all your readers this way.  And please if you ever read this blog leave a comment.  In the next two months before our kiddos arrive we are trying to come up with some great children’s toys,books, and games.  So what sticks out in your minds as great items to have around the house for a 6 year old boy and a 5 year old girl in the following categories:

Toys-What did you most play with at these ages, or what do your children most play with at these ages?

Games-What games should every parent have in their game cupboard for 5-6 year old kiddos?

Books-What are the must haves?  We’ll be frequenting the library quite often but which ones should we actually own?

Educational-Help please!  I am planning on home schooling the kids and I would love ideas on creative educational tools.  *No curriculum suggestions please, we’re not buying any program for kindergarden.*  Just looking for the things every home school family should have on hand. 





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5 11 2008
Karen M. Maw

Samuel LOVES the “David” books by David Shannon. They are simple and very colorful. We have prob. a hundred books and he always wants to read one of the books about David several times a week.

7 11 2008

I wish I could help, but Malachi’s so much younger than that.

10 11 2008

At our house we are “book poor” we have so many books of all age ranges. I don’t know what kind of a language barrier you’ll be experiencing – probably I SHOULD know that but I don’t – so simpler, repetative books will be best to start with.

Isaac is six and he loves all things spiderman, batman…. action stuff… but he also loves to play with marble works and it is GOOD for dexterity and planning and balance….

He loves to be outside. He has cracked more than one helmet with his bicycle, scooter, skateboard….. plan on being busy … if they’re anything like Isaac.

Of course a little girl needs a baby doll… something to nurture and mimic mommy.

HOWEVER, you don’t NEEEEEEED any of those things. You’ll be spending your time with them. More than anything that is what they’ll crave. Cook, snuggle, read, hold, make up stories, build forts, walk, hold, play, love. You’ll do just fine… you have everything you need.

You are in our prayers.

2 12 2008

marble works… and lincoln logs… those are the best… oh and legos lots and lots of legos… and finger paint!! oh man… i think i liked toys. ooooo walkie talkie phones that look like REAL phones… and stuffed animals… i should probably come teach them how to make a stuffed animal rotation schedule for their beds so none of their stuffed animals feel left out. haha i need some kiddos!

2 12 2008

oh… and remember the big paper brick blocks that we built forts out of… those were fun

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